Want To Be The Most Recognized Agent In Town?

Get on the big screen with a 15-second local TV ad

Without a film crew or a big marketing budget

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What is your role?

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Introduce Yourself 10,000 times on TV to local viewers

So you become the most popular and recognized agent in your town

Your best first impression that pops up on TV screens 10,000 times a month as local viewers watch, from their living rooms, popular YouTube channels like CNN, HGTV, ESPN, FOX.

[Preview] Gary's 15-sec TV commercial appearing on the CNN YouTube channel

Step 1

Watch the 72-sec video

Step 2

Talk to Stephen Henry

No tech skills or fancy cameras required

No time commitment, no on-going maintenance

No YouTube account or channel needed

Reserve three (3) counties you want to target

No start up costs, and your first 1,000 views on local TV are free

Tailor the frequency of your 15-second commercial to align with your marketing budget

* Please note I do not run TV campaigns with multiple agents targeting the same county

Stephen Henry | Founder
Connected TV Advertising Consultant

I’m Stephen Henry, YouTube Connected TV Consultant for Real Estate professionals and owner of this website.

I launched it during the COVID lockdown when agents needed help transitioning from outdoor advertising (bus shelters, billboards, park benches) to TV ads, since everyone was stuck inside watching Netflix, Disney+ and YouTube on the big screen.

Fast forward to 2023, YouTube is now the most popular streaming service on TV in the US with 150 million viewers.And because YouTube viewership on TV has completely skyrocketed, I’ve had the pleasure of helping real estate agents, competing in overcrowded markets, become famous in their hometowns by launching their own 15-second YouTube commercials.

If you're in a saturated market competing with other agents who may be more popular and you want the opportunity to introduce yourself to residents in your service areas on the big screen without breaking your marketing budget, then schedule a call with me right now.

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© 2023, by StephenHenryConsulting.com